Store Design


Client: Atelier 7918 

Location: Orange County, CA

Scope of Project:  Store interior design | Logo Development | Store Press Launch 

A visually provocative space, luxury retailer Atelier 7918 was designed to incorporate art through custom displays and rotating gallery pieces. In collaboration with New York based Italian architect Alessandro Pasquale and L’Effrontée, the 1300, sq ft space is meticulous in detail. Customized   furniture with rich materials such as black chrome, raw wood, and marble while clothing racks float above the floor.  The displays were engineered to be movable, so like a gallery, there is always an opportunity to tell new stories. 



Client: RM.09 at The Haven 

Location: Montauk, NY

Project: Store Interior design

Designed with the consciousness of the harbor and the residents of Montauk , L’Effrontée designed the 400 sq. foot store and lobby of Rm.09 using materials in the likeness of its beach side location. From terracotta succulents to the product displays constructed from Montauk driftwood, L’effrontée applied natural materials to construct a mood for its visitors. The fusion of environmental awareness and stylish construction allowed Rm.09’s voice to be authentic, allowing visitors to indulge in the laid-back Montauk style. 


Logo + Design Development